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Made for kids, developed by engineers

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A fun way to learn STEM

We've carefully designed our content and models alongside a team of engineers, academics, and child development specialists. Our aim? To make learning serious concepts feel like child's play - engaging, fun, and impactful.

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One kit endless models

Your child's ultimate learning companion. With just one kit, they can dive into limitless educational possibilities. Building, learning, and creating have never been this easy and fun. Get your kit, login, and embark on a journey of discovery!

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Boost creativity

Our lessons fuel independent thinking and creativity, with unique challenges. Empower your child to invent and create, not just build. Nurture problem-solving and independent thinking skills with ibrick!

Parents share about ibrick

Daphi Blumental

My boy loved it!

The kids learn about a principle from the worlds of science and then implement it through the model they create! it is very informative, enjoyable and charming! Warmly recommended

Yellow Star Review

Matt Danilo

Highly recommended!

It's our best quality time with our child.

Each model comes with an interesting lesson, helping the child develop his general knowledge and learn in-depth about the models he builds

Yellow Star Review

Sharon Davis

Noam is always excited to explain what he learned in his lego online lesson, highly recommended!

Yellow Star Review

Katia Kikoza

Recommended from the bottom of my heart!

Everytime a new lesson comes out my child is over the roof looking forward to see what is he going to learn about!

just a perfect activity for LEGO lovers.

Yellow Star Review

A new and exciting Lego STEM adventure,

Every week!



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Learn, play, repeat

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A world of fun awaits

Endless hours of hands-on learning and creating with the ibrick kit

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As models are crafted, gears start turning, fostering intuitive understanding.

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Play & exploration

Intuition evolves into profound understanding through play, tinkering, and interactive lessons.

Challenge your kid to explore in a hands-on Lego adventure

  • How does the subscription work?

After choosing your subscription, we'll deliver the kit to your doorstep.

Just log in to your ibrick account and dive into a world of building and learning!

  • Are the bricks and pieces original Lego?

Our kit comprises entirely of original Lego parts, except for the motor & battery pack which are Lego-compatible.

  • I have Lego at home, why do i need ibrick?

ibrick goes beyond Lego models, offering hands-on learning that explores STEM and the world around us.

  • What can i do if i lose or break a piece?

For broken or missing pieces, reach out to our support. We'll swiftly send replacements, ensuring uninterrupted building and learning!

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